The Start Of Something Great / Possibly Horrible

23 09 2008
Errict Rhett had more "R's" than touchdowns

Errict Rhett couldn't spell first names OR score touchdowns

 The wait is finally over. You can all collectively take a breath. No more late nights crying yourself to sleep wondering “will the first installment of APR (Annexation Of Puerto Rico) be tomorrow?” Dry those tears ladies and gents, you’re going to need to see clearly to read all this phenomenal sports satire! Alright, enough of this tomfoolery, let’s get this sports-humor-party started.

I started this website/blog so that I may type words in hopes that you may read them. There are no promises as to how incredible each article or post will be, but my hope is to get a chuckle out of a few of you. Not ‘gonna lie, this might start off a little bumpy. There will more than likely be bad articles (this one) before there are great ones. Like an early 80’s fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs, I beg of you…bare with me. After a few rough posts/tags and what not, I will soon get the hang of this whole “internet” thing. Sure, there might be a few mispellings or grammatical mistakes here and there. But let’s be honest, you have no idea how to use “affect” and “effect” correctly either, so who cares.

Just like the Bucs, things might start off a little rough around here. I might have my Vinny Testaverde moments, but it will not be long before I’m running over articles like Michael Pittman’s Hummer. For reassurance however, here are some things I have going for me that the orange-cladded Bucs of the late 70s and 80s did not:


Differences between Early Bucs and APR (Annexation of Puerto Rico)

              Early Bucs                   vs.                     APR

-started off 0-26 in first two seasons                 – well shit, I can’t be THAT bad

-Testaverde was color-blind                               – I can destinguish colors

-Errict Rhett spelled his name E-r-r-i-c-t          – I can’t even pronounce that


I’ll keep the first article short and sweet. There will be much more to come in the future (that’s what she said) including, but not limited to: articles about politics, music, celebrities and movies. But for all intents and purposes, check out this site when you want to read about sports, that’s what i’ll be writing about.





8 responses

25 09 2008

Finally a blog that integrates sports, movies, and celebs into one. Thank you for limiting the amount of tabs I have open. Am I the first commenter, what an honor. Now write more for me monkey.

25 09 2008

Makes more than just your mouth water my friend… I heard that somewhere. Love it… keep it coming.

25 09 2008

Please do one on overrated USC and how beating the overrated buckeyes wasn’t a big deal. 35-3 Give me a break! Ohio University Bobcats was almost my favorite team for a week. Penn State is going to destroy OSU. Sorry Mike P. and Meandler, Pryor needs a couple seasons to get going…

25 09 2008

Dont bother writing on the above subject (SC). You can write about east coast bias instead

26 09 2008

Sorry Alex…I’m not from the east coast, any how…i will agree, there is no need to do the story above because the oregon st. BEAVERS wrote it for you!

26 09 2008

Just for the record my posting about USC was before the big loss… just wanted to point that out… for credibility!

26 09 2008

Hell yeah this is awesome. Dunn, why are you so cool?

27 09 2008
Mr. Pugh

You Mother Fucker—-you leave the Bucs Golden (as in shower for them peeing all over those who paid to go see they loose in the BIG SOMBRERO) years alone……What did they ever do to you! And it was spelled Errict because he was French you uncultured swine! Don’t know if its true but let’s go with it! God I hope Leftwich starts in Jacksonville on the 5th!!! Great site dunnieboy lordamercy!

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