Expect A Victory Riot In Detroit Very, Very Soon

24 09 2008
"I swear on my job Joey, I will find you a receiver"

"I'll draft you another receiver Joey...But you gotta do something 'special' for me first."

After eight miserable years with the Detroit Lions, Matt Millen has finally packed up his shit and moved out of the beautiful Motor City (my guess is he’s NOT driving away in a Ford.)

 Reports were scattered earlier this week that William Clay Ford, Jr (son of the Lions’ owner) was fed up with Millen in Detroit and stated if he were the owner, Millen would be gone. Well, it did not take long for father’s actions to follow his son’s words. Based on ESPN reports, Matthew George Millen has finally been relieved of his duties as President and CEO. And by duties I mean actual dooty….seriously, the man shit all over the franchise for the past decade.

Millen is infamous for drafting Pro Bowlers shitstains like Joey Harrington, Charles Rodgers and Mike Williams with Detroit’s first round picks. Over the years, Millen has taken a weak franchise and turned it into an utter shitshow. He is the reason why the Lion’s number one selling jersey is still a guy who retired 10 fucking years ago! He is the reason Detroit fans cry themselves to sleep at night (take that back, actually that’s because they live in Detroit.)
So long Mr. Millen. I am sure the city of Detroit will be rioting in your honor tonight. If you’re still looking for some good receivers, check out 8 Mile. You can pay someone a hell of a lot less than Charles Rodgers and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to play “receiver.”



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25 09 2008

This picture is somehow both creepy and awesome.

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