The Devil Rays Did What?!!

28 09 2008

Champagne? This is Tropicana Extra Pulp muthafucka!

The Tampa Bay Rays won the AL East? Err what?! That’s like telling me Santa Clause was seen riding a unicorn while being blown by the tooth fairy. Or that Red Sox fans are NOT douchebags or Yankees fans are NOT assholes. Sorry, but having grown up in the Tampa area I know better than to trust anyone when they use the words “Rays” and “win” in the same sentence.

The Devil Rays, however, have in fact captured their first divisional title…ever. Hell, they had their first winning season…ever. They made it to their first postseason…ever. Better yet, they won more than 70 games for the first time since…well, never!

The sweetest part of all this, besides all the firsts for the Rays’ organization (those are nice and all), but the real icing on the cake is who the Rays had to overthrow to win their first AL East title. Thanks to Tampa’s 90 plus wins, the New York Yankees will be sitting on their asses this October for the first time since 1993. A-Rod will have plenty of time to search for his new muscular soul mate and Jeter will be spending time running through Lyla Garrity from Friday Night Lights (damn you Jeter, you always find a way to win!)

Congrats to the Rays! They deserve all their successes. The organization went out and grabbed the right tools to build a competitive team for the first time since their inception into the majors. With a solid pitching staff anchored by Scott Kazmir and Troy Percival, the Rays can compete defensively with any team in the playoffs. Most importantly, with the health of presumptive R.O.Y. Evan Longoria, their offense will continue to put up numbers.

–Yeah, I’m going to cheer for the Rays, so get your “bandwagon” comments out of the way now. I’m going to cheer because I remember going to the Trop in high school and watching Wade Boggs get his 3,000 hit. I’m rooting for the Rays because I remember being one of 4,000 people in a stadium that seats over 45,000. I’m rooting for the Rays because fuck the Red Sox! If during the Rays’ playoff run, a Red Sox fan yells “fruntrunah!” at me,  I’m going to pour a Sam Adams Oktoberfest on their brand new Papelbon jersey-shirt!





4 responses

28 09 2008
Jonathan Tardif

I just want to see the dammed Trop fill up at some point this season! It’s a bit of a tragedy that the people of the St. Pete/Tampa area can’t bring themselves to go to the games. They deserve the success, but most of the “fans” don’t.

28 09 2008
Joel Ramos

As a former Tampa Bay resident, now living in South Florida (Talk about apathetic fans) and a Rays fan, its been a great season. I hope the old farts and “fans” can fill the Trop for the playoffs, if not its time to move the team outta St. Pete and into Tampa. GO RAYS!!

28 09 2008

yeah I might be excited about this, but it is football season….

29 09 2008

You should be excited about this. I really like the Rays chances in the AL. Their pitching might be the best in the AL, if Kazmir can come out of this funk he’s in. Also, Carl Crawford coming back is bigger than Longoria’s return. He has been a rock for that team since coming into the league. And regardless of how spectacular Longoria has been this season, A healthy Carl Crawford = World Series Championship. I see a lot of similarities between this team and the 2003 Marlins that won it all. Youth, defense, speed and solid pitching. But the best thing the Rays have going for them, is that they are flying under the radar. Even after winning the wealthiest division in baseball with a miniscual payroll, no one is giving them any respect. After these playoffs, that is going to change.

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