A Win For Tryson

29 09 2008

There are few stories in sports that are worth noting without humor. Some athletes and performances, however, deserve to be credited sans mockery. In the case of kicker Matt Bryant’s stellar performance yesterday, this is one of those stories.

Kickers rarely get the respect they deserve. They perform under intense scrutiny from fans and coaches and are thrown into the fire when they perform badly. The pressure of a kicker is enough to make a sane man crazy (i.e. Ray Finkel. “Laces out Dan!”) Sorry, just couldn’t help myself. To perform under the bright lights and screaming fans takes a tremendous amount of strength. For Bucs kicker Matt Bryant, that strength has never been greater than in yesterday’s game against the Packers.

Matt Bryant showed more than just the strength of his leg in Sunday’s game. He also showed us the strength of a man’s heart and his will power. After losing his son just days before the game, Bryant mustered up the courage to play on Sunday. He buried his four-month-old son on Saturday, and laced up his cleats for the toughest game of his life. Determined to have a perfect game, Bryant told the press he was hoping to go 3-for-3, no questions asked. He wanted to honor his son, Tryson, by playing to the best of his ability. Little did Bryant know he would have the game of his career. Not only did Bryant go 3-for-3, but he also managed to put in the game-winning field goal.

Bryant did more than win a game on Sunday, he showed the courage a man can find within himself. The courage to fight through raw emotion and perform. Most importantly, he found the courage to move on. There are thousands of broken hearts who lose a loved one every day. We suffer through the rollercoaster of emotions and look to our friends and family for immediate support. We take our “greivance days” from work to reflect on the person we loved and lost. We then search for strength and hopefully find enough to get back to our everyday lives. For most of us, however, we do all this in privacy. We are not forced to perform under the bright lights with millions of people watching. When professional athletes go back to their everyday lives, they have critics and fans watching. People judging their performance and wondering if and when they will “be back to normal.” For the courage and strength to fight through those emotions, under the pressure of a national stage, I commend you Mr. Bryant.

One last thing. This site will rarely see an emotional or heartwarming story. I like to keep the mood high with mockery and witty banter for the most part. There will not be many Tom Rinaldy-esque tear jerker reports on The Annexation. This story, this kicker, however, deserve the same credit and respect shown to Brett Favre after he lost his father. Matt Bryant’s perfect preformance should not go overlooked and neither should the love he has for his son.





3 responses

29 09 2008

great story… it may be a little too classy, like when fine establishments serve Mickey’s Fine Malt liquors… For real though, nice story worth honoring such a situation.

29 09 2008
Joel Ramos

Amen Eric

1 10 2008

Couldn’t agree more my friend… it was a proud day for a Bucs season ticket holder. I hope they can keep up this winning streak. How awesome would it be if the Bucs were in a super bowl in their own stadium!? Has that ever happened? You should look that up.

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