Off To The Ville Of Jackson

3 10 2008

To much of my reader’s dismay, there will unfortunately be no posts this weekend. (Take a  moment to get a hold of yourself.)  While you’re sitting on the couch in your boxers, munching on sour cream ‘n onion chips and surfing the web, I’ll be partaking in debauchery-fueled shenanigans back in my college town. I call it, reliving the glory days of my youth. AKA getting blackout drunk and making an ass of myself.

I’ll be down in the 904 of Jacksonville, reminding myself of how much I wish I was still 20 years old. Look for my beautiful mug on Sunday Night Football, I’ll be the guy in the Roethisberger jersey getting intimate with a foam vagina (see the video above for mental image.) Hopefully I’ll be reporting back with tales of mostly shit I can’t remember and another victory for the black and gold. Either way, enjoy your sports en fused weekend without my witty anecdotes. Don’t lie to yourself, you know you’re going to miss me.

Weekend Picks:(Sorry, these are the only games I care about)

Florida State over Miami: No more orange bowl, no more number one ranked defense. Shit, if North Carolina can go into Dolphin stadium and get the W, FSU damn well better.

Rays over White Sox: Two home runs in his first post season debut! Look for Evan Longoria to put at least one more in the rafters. I’m sure he’s already taken Erin Andrews up there and shown her his personal “Tropicana.”

Steelers over Jags: These picks might be a little biased, I really don’t care. If you picked up Mewelde Moore in fantasy this week (which is what I did) , start him for this game. He’s going to light it up Sunday night. Steelers may have lost the last four against the Jags, but hey! At least no more players can get hurt right?  Side note, if Byron Leftwich gets in at any point, I might shit my pants.





One response

3 10 2008

UNC was handed the win (literally) so don’t bs me about FSU coming in and winning. Butch Davis is actually a coach, unlike good ‘ole B.B.

Hurricanes may blow, but FSU sucks!


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