One Roy Williams Just Isn’t Enough For Jerry Jones

15 10 2008

Roys will be Roys

Jerry Jones really likes players with the first name Roy and last name Williams. So much in fact that one of them was just not enough for the long time Cowboy’s owner. Dallas added to their list of Pro Bowlers named Roy Williams today by signing the Lions’ wide receiver before the deadline.

This is simply another sign that Jerry Jones gets who he wants, when he wants. And apparently that’s anyone with the surname Roy Williams. So watch your back Mr. University of North Carolina Athletic Director…..Jerry Jones has his eyes set on your basketball coach next!

Will Jerry Jones sign the third piece to the Roy Williams puzzle?

The Dallas Cowboys are now Roy Williams squared and Tony Romo-less. At least Roy Williams (the receiver) will feel right at home with Brad Johnson at the helms. With plenty of arrant passes and overthrown balls, Williams will forget it’s not Jon Kitna behind center.

Attention: All strippers in the greater Dallas area, please be advised. Adam aka “Pacman” aka “Make it Rain” Jones has been suspended for the next four games. Now that he has some idle time on his hands, It is inevitable he will be visiting your fine establishments soon (if not right at this moment.) If idle hands are the devil’s play toy… then Pacman’s idle hands are the devil’s huge dildo. (I don’t even care if that shit doesn’t make sense.)







2 responses

15 10 2008

i guess I will have to special request that we have a story acknowledge there is a new kid on the block…. there you go, I even gave you the headline… Texas is ranked #1 and beat this team that goes by Oklahoma…oh and they have to play… Mizzou, Kansas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St., Big XII championship…and their easiet game is there biggest rival in state… if they pull this off….BALLERS

16 10 2008

i guess i should have commented on the actual story… Roy Williams… from UT…”the good one”… is a baller and will make for a great addition to the yankees of the NFL…do I have to be shameless to be a cowboy fan? I just want my 90’s cowboys back!

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