President Bush “Shocks” America

13 11 2008

"Hey can put your 30% approval rating right where this pinkie's goin."

Just take a minute to let this picture sink in………..

Alright, so if you haven’t realized it yet…President Bush has pretty much dialed it in for the rest of his term. I think he sat down with Laura a few months ago, right around the Olympics and said “I’m done with this Presidencing shit!”

Here he is pictured with members of the Arizona State Men’s & Women’s Track team. “Shocking” isn’t it! I’m sure someone on the track team told Bush their hand sign stood for a pitchfork, to represent their Sun Devil mascot. What I am ALSO sure of, however, is that Bush chuckled his way through this photo op and kept muttering under his breath “two in the pink, one in the stink!” Seriously, do you think a guy from Texas who used to be an alcoholic… who used to do a lot of blow…doesn’t know what “two in the goo, one in the poo” means!? Come on! I bet you can find him throwing up a shocker or two in an old Yale yearbook.

Whatever the case, I’d just like to say: thank you Mr. President. Thank you for phoning in the final days of your presidency and allowing the American public to at least get a few laughs in before you leave Washington. We can only hope that Texas Tech wins the BCS Championship for the sole purpose of your last college photo op. When the Red Raiders show you how to flash their hand sign, you’ll more than likely fuck it up. “Texas Tech is number one!”





4 responses

14 11 2008

no… oklahoma will beat texas tech and UT will go to the Big XII championship, win it…and then be in the National Championship

14 11 2008
Joel Ramos

Thanks Eric, thats just priceless!

16 11 2008

wow…ramos said it perfect- PRICELESS.
Eric, your hilarious as always 🙂

18 11 2008

See your missing one big thing in the way of Texas Tech. That would be the SEC Champ, which hopefully will be your beloved GATORS!!!

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