Rafer Alston Channels His Inner Skip 2 My Lou, Goes Street On Everybody’s Ass

13 11 2008

Before I get into this new article, let me start off by saying… I’m sorry. I know there were many of you (at least 2 or 3) who have been checking the site everyday, hoping, pining, praying for a new article. To those of you who have been balled up in front of your computer, sobbing and refreshing for the past six days…well, I say to you….SIMMA DOWN! I’m back dicknose.

So, remember when Rafer Alston was good at basketball? Yeah, me neither. Even his former alter, better ball-handling ego Skip 2 My Lou…couldn’t shoot or defend for shit. Dribbling off defender’s forheads and in between their legs is cool and makes for a funny highlight…but unfortunately for Skip, traveling is a violation in the NBA.

Last night, Skip 2 My Alston aka Rafer 2 My Lou, brought out his old street ballin’ skills against the Suns. And by “street ballin’ skills” I mean… “swinging fists of furry.” Alston went AND1 on everybody’s ass last night after Matt Barnes through a hard pick out on the key. The shove immediately flipped a switch in Alston. If you slow the video down, you can actually see the instant when Rafer Alston changes from Bruce Banner… into a street-ballin-Hulk. The video is too fuzzy to read his lips, but I’m guessing he said something along the lines of “Ahh heeeeell nah! You’re about to see every bit of street I’ve got left in me muthaaafucka!” ………Just a shot in the dark.




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13 11 2008

The best is watching Shaq just walk around and shove the shit out of people. He even pushed Ming! It was almost a fight of the tallest people (who live) in America.

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