Bowl Game / Holiday Binge Fest

26 12 2008

A good friend of mine who is not so anatomically inclined, once told a group of us before his bachelor party, “Prepare your kidneys bro!” Granted, the kid was about five Heinekens deep and forced to dress like this asshole:


Yeah, those are boobs inside the heart...and yes that pink shirt says "I love DD Cups." Genius.

 Needless to say, his kidneys were not harmed during the shitshow that was his DC bachelor party. His liver and dignity, however, well…those are both fucked!

The reason I bring up this complete nonsense is because it’s bowl season / the holidays. Which, simply put… means it is time to “prepare your kidneys!” for an all out Christma-Hanu-Kwanzika binge fest. Honestly, how else are you supposed to get through quality time with the extended family / the Meineke Car Care Bowl…without throwing back a fifth of Jack? Just try not to blackout on your grandma’s plastic-lined couch this year…it’s a bitch peeling yourself off that hot plastic after a four-hour drunken nap.

Sorry to leave you holding your breath, but check back later for a rundown of what to expect from the best and worst bowl games of 2008/2009. Until then…go to the gym you lazy bastards!




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