Bong Bong Bong, Steroids Steroids Steroids… & Brett Favre

13 02 2009
Phelps and A-Rod cross swords while Favre retires/cries again

For those of you who have trouble reading, i.e. most of you who check this site…then you’re in luck! I don’t feel like spending more than a few sentences on the only three stories going on in the world of sports. You know which ones I’m talking about, don’t play dumb with me! If you’ve turned on ESPN, CNN, PBS or Christ, even C-SPAN, you have seen one or all of the only three things worth talking about in sports. Since I’m not one to ram the same things down your throat as every other sports medium (Must. Not. Make. Sexual. Innuendo!) I refuse to waste anymore of your time on these redamndiculous stories. So, here are a few more words to sum up these non-important events of the past few days:

Michael Phelps smokes a bong: You try eating 10,000 calories a day without being baked out of your mind!
A-Rod took steroids from 2001 – 2003: $252 million is a lot of G.D. money!!! Besides….living in Texas will make you do some weird shit.
Brett Favre retiring: …………………………………..(this is how much I care or believe he actually will retire this time.)



4 responses

16 02 2009

say something bad about Texas one more time…. ass

17 02 2009

that picture is fuckin hilarious

18 02 2009

Seriously, I’ve thought that all along about M.P.

25 02 2009

It’s true that in order to tolerate Texas you must do illegal substances!

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