About APR

Junior could throw the hell out of a toilet roll too.

Junior could throw the hell out of a toilet roll too.

Annexation of Puerto Rico is a site based on the desire to write about what most men and some women love…sports. This is anything but a formal site or one that has the intent of becoming more than something only my friends will read. Whatever the case, I like to write about sports and you like to read about them…so I think this will work out well for the both of us.

“Annexation of Puerto Rico” comes from the 1994 Hollywood blockbuster shitcan of a movie, Little Giants. If you have not seen it, well it’s high time you Netflix that shit ASAP! “APR” is quite possibly the most unstoppable football formation known to man. And somehow it can only be derived through a Super Nintendo game system (still haven’t figured that shit out.) So pretty much, I just always thought it was a sweet movie quote.

Here’s why you might check out this site, besides the fact you have nothing better to do at work:

  • If you have ever watched a football game when the offense shifts into a strange formation and either thought of yelling or actually did yell out “Dude, it’s the fuckin Annexation of Puerto Rico!” than this site is for you.
  • If you love sports and think that some people take it too seriously (myself included) and like to make fun of those people, this site is for you.
  • Hell, if you enjoy reading about sports for the sole purpose of making fun of me in the comment section, well shit, this site is for you too!



One response

30 09 2008
Jon Pringle

Nice work buddy. The site looks good. See you this weekend.

– Pringle

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